How to Tell If A Guy Is Bi-curious


Correction your stereotype of bi-curious people. It’s time to know how to tell if a guy around us is bi-curious or bisexual or other sexual identities. Before you know how to tell if a guy is bi-curious, give some love out. The quickest way is from the sex attraction aspect, but usually, it’s not easy to touch. Here are some signs of work well that show one guy may be bi-curious.

First of all, correct your stereotype of bi-curious and LGBT people. Ask yourself what you concern about, then make a decision if carry on reading.


For a straight guy, it is obvious if he watches some porn video about gay and is interested in it. Plus, when he asks some gay sex questions it’s the same case. Once I have a friend do that this way, when he was asking me some questions I could see something shining in his eyes – curious, desire that like a dark animal raising head. In the case of this guy is gay, that’s easy to determine when he comes to chat and enjoys the time with a girl so that definitely reveals something. But he still has an attraction to men. Actually, it’s more difficult to determine a guy is bi-curious than know he changes his sexual orientation. We can’t easily say he comes out or he gonna be gay, we have to be sure he has an attraction to both genders.

Action places.

Such as gay gym and bar. It’s normal if a straight man visits a gay gym or a gay bar, but gay-heavy places are completely different. You could go to a gay bar with your girlfriend or boyfriend but a straight man can’t stand one sec in a gay-heavy gym cause you would feel a number of lions around you and you are just a piece of pretty meat.

Movie, Music, and Novels.

His playlist includes Britney Spears, Madonna and Depeche Mode. For TV series, it’s RuPaul. As a matter of fact, you can find those movies, fiction, and songs by searching with “gay’s favorite” and the results will show you.

He gives that look to you.

What is the look like? Come on, you know that. After a party everyone is tired and they all go to rest left him looking at you. That’s a moment silently. Maybe a little awkward. What will happen next? That makes you uneasy but he looks enjoying.

If you got it, don’t make it to gossip fodder.

Why it needs brave to come out to be an LGBT? Because there is such prejudice around the world. Try to understand and respect them even you totally dislike them. Just keep away in this case but not do bullshit because frequently it will hurt even endanger people.