How to Overcome Bisexual Fears

It is not an easy task to truly accept yourself as a bisexual being. In fact, this may be much more difficult than homosexuality. When you realize that you may be bisexual, there are generally two kinds of fears of identity and fear of being commented on. Based on my own experience, I want to share how to support these bisexual fears.

Accept Yourself

Understand the Definition of Bisexuality

Although bisexuality has a clear definition, many people still have a very vague impression of him. Most people only recognize bisexuality by listening to themselves and imagining. So before you start, you need to define the formal definition of bisexuality and how you think about bisexuality.

This means you need to get out of the wiki to create your own unique ideas. And it is constantly updated during the process of communicating with other bisexuals. This is an important step before affecting others.

Explore Yourself

Sometimes people will rush to produce conclusions at the beginning and then feel anxious about it. So let the rhythm slow down. In addition, empty your stereotype of bisexuality, explore it as a new concept, and then explore according to your experience and guidance from others.

Influence Others

Ignore Narrow Views

Many people rush to make a judgment after hearing that you are bisexual, and start asking you to choose a party, or ask if you are 50/50. If they are stubborn, you don’t have to waste time unless you want to change them. Bisexuals are not indecisive and are not cheating.

Find the Connection

There are already many bisexual support groups. You can easily find bisexual people on FaceBook,, and other websites. This way they will tell you their experience, how they initially overcome bisexual fears and advice to you. The thing to remember is not to feel pressure and open yourself when talking about bisexual fears.