7 Ways to Explore Your Bi-curiosity

Explore Bi-curiosity

Let’s talk about sex and how your sexual experience differs from your previous experience. I’m bi-curious what should I do? This will make you very curious. But it can also make you a little scared. However, there are always many things in life that are daunting.

That’s why we made this suggestion to help you solve some of the retention issues. Even if you don’t have any questions or comments, this little guide is still worth a quick two minutes browsing. There are many things to consider before exploring curiosity, such as how to avoid adversely affecting the experience and safety of others.

All in all, this should be interesting, not a frustrating experience. So you need to know how to do this correctly:

1. Anyone is not absolutely “straight”

Many people believe that exploring curiosity means that heterosexual women have a sexual experience with people of the same gender. Perhaps because it is attractive to people or considered to be the most acceptable form of exploration in our society, the first reason may be the latter. In fact, anyone with a gender or gender identity will have curious illusions and desires. You may have heard of the Golden Race Scale that measures human sexuality. Dr. Kinsey found in his research that most people are not homosexual or heterosexual at all, but they are somewhere in between. So, whether you are a heterosexual or gay girl or something else, your sexuality may not exactly match your gender identity.

2. Curious is not wrong

You may have reservations about exploring sexual behavior. Although if you do this does not necessarily mean that you are bisexual, unfortunately, bisexuality is difficult to understand. You may be afraid of other people’s judgments because bisexuality is often associated with sexual promiscuity. However, this is not true. Even if someone is sexually promiscuous, who has the right to humiliate them? So if someone really hates it, you should feel sorry for them because they are not as interesting as you are.

3. It’s not something you should just do for the sake of it

Before you act, you should spend some time thinking about whether you are really bi-curious. I mean, you shouldn’t do this because someone else is doing it or for a moment’s impulse. If the answer is still yes, then you should only explore your curiosity and not something else.

4. Have an open mind

Since you have such an idea, it means that you already have a more open mind than ordinary people. But this is still not enough. You should have more inclusive and open eyes about all the different situations you have encountered since you started your actions. Because reality and fantasy are often very different.

5. It’s easy to meet someone together

Whether you were a straight man/woman or gay/lesbian, you will find it easy to find people who are curious to explore. That means that a straight man can easily find a gay who is willing to play with him. A lesbian will also find a straight man who is willing to play with her. This may sound a bit controversial, but it is true for most people.

6. The best place to meet someone is online

Reality tells us that you are unlikely to find an ideal exploration partner in the bar, especially if you are not used to those places. So online chat rooms or dating sites and apps may be the best place to find a partner. You can boldly tell others about your sexual curiosity on some websites and applications, which is especially helpful for your follow-up communication. And fortunately, there are many websites and apps on the market that serve the bi-curious people.

7. Boldly express your thoughts

Don’t think that you might offend the other person, and don’t hide your thoughts because of any other psychology. In fact, if you have problems because of your lack of expression, it is very likely that you are wrong. Say all your thoughts when you chat, don’t be afraid to lose. Losing just means the next time better.