How Do Bi-Curious People Define Their Sexuality in The End?

In a survey of more than 10,000 Americans ages 18 to 44, 5.5 percent of the women called themselves bisexual. That’s a 40 percent jump over the number that gave that answer in the same survey done just a few years earlier. So how about bi-curious?

How many are bi curious people in the whole world?

How to Tell If A Guy Is Bi-curious

Nobody knows the answer but we can be sure that this number must be more than the number of bisexuals. Every moment, there is a desire to explore their sexual orientation. That is why so many bi curious people in the world. But in the end, how do they define themselves?

Curiosity won’t last long, and exploration will end it. It is certain that either being bisexual or back to the past. It can be summarized as three cases of results.

  1. bisexuality.
  2. homosexuality.
  3. heterosexuality.

There are two reasons for them to end their exploration and return to the past. The first reason is that their exploration has gained the benefit that they have indeed confirmed their sexual orientation. The second reason was that they suffered some uncomfortable situations during the exploration process, which caused their curiosity to be hit. That really sucks.

To avoid this situation, here are 6 rules that bi-curious should know before bi curious dating. It must be very exciting before you start dating, but it may also make you feel a little scared. Even if you feel that you have no problems, this content is worth reading. It can tell you how to avoid hurting others.

ending of bi-curiosity

#1 The beginning is just a date

Unless both of you are very sure, don’t have sex for the first time. You shouldn’t do it just to say you’ve had the experience or because other people around you have done it or because you don’t know until you’ve tried it or some other equally stupid reason. You should only explore your bi-curiosity if you feel curious, if you feel that urge or attraction.

#2 Keep Open-minded

If you are curious, you may already have an open mind. But you still need to enter the experience with an open mind, because you should not have any special expectations. Most people who explore dual curiosity will not have some inspiration for themselves during or after their actions. You should not have any expectations about how it will happen. The reason is that you may be wrong, because everyone is different from you, and the gender is different. Expectations and stress are not well integrated with any gender.

#3 Don’t panic

We believe that you must are not a freshman of dating. You can find a lot of tips on dating online. So, in a bi-curious appointment, as long as you are not bothered, there is nothing difficult. Break the ice as you used to, remember to follow the new rules, then enjoy the dating.