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Dating is a global dating website. It is a dating website that is established very early and has more than one million members. It is not only a normal online and offline dating dating, but also allows users to choose. Your own sexual orientation, but the shortcomings are here, you can't choose two at the same time! So it can only be placed here.


The payment for a website member is mainly divided into two parts, the first part is the monthly fixed cost of the member. The second part is the service fee generated by using the various functions of the website.

The charges are as follows:

Gold Membership

•Membership starts with a discounted fee for the first month and the standard fee of $9.99 for each following month.

By subscribing to our monthly membership, you will receive the following benefits:

• A showcase of your account to all members during the membership period

• A one-time package of 20 Welcome Credits

• 10 free Live Chat sessions limited to 3 minutes each

• First offline introduction messages to any member are free. We also offer several credit packages with the prices per credit ranging from $0.4 to $0.8. These credits can be used for any of our services: chats, emails, sharing photos and videos, etc.

Auto-renewal of membership plans can be turned off during application.

Cost of services

• Basic Chat costs 1 сredit per minute;

• One-Way Video Chat costs 4 сredits per minute;

• Two-Way Video Chat costs 6 сredits per minute;

• Offline Message sending costs 1 credit per message (160 symbol limit);

• Mobile App Message sending costs 1 credit per message (160 symbol limit);

• Email costs 10 сredits each;

• Sending/viewing photos or videos costs 15 сredits each;

• Sending stickers costs 5 сredits each;

• Sending animated smilies costs 1 сredits each;

• Sending gifts in Live Video costs from 5 to 1000 credits each;

• Sending personal message in Live Video costs 1 credits each;

• Viewing video in profile costs 10 сredits each;

• Let’s Mingle costs 5 credits per use.


Some of the salient features of Dating are as follows.

• Stylish style design: The page colour of the website is lively and beautiful.

• Huge database support: The site has a large number of members around the world. Users can easily find appointments near themselves.

• Easy to use: The website layout is easy to use. You don't need to be familiar with the technology to browse the site and access its various features. Everything is clearly visible and the interface is clean and tidy.

• Email and instant messaging: Basic communication options such as instant messaging and email are available.

• Chat Room: With the Chat Room feature, you can communicate with multiple members at the same time.

• Video and voicemail: You can also use voicemail and videomail to make your communications more interactive and intimate.

• Advanced Search: Like other BiCupid dating sites, you can search for various criteria such as gender, country, age, location and other members.

• Privacy: Cupid Media Limited emphasizes the privacy of its members. With BiCupid, you can easily know that your identity is fully protected.

• Favorites list: You can use the Favorites list feature to track the members of your collection.

Pros and Cons


• Unlike the matching system of the general dating website, dating is just a communication platform. It is also a good choice to make new friends when the dating needs are not met.

• Covering at least 32 countries and even making cross-border love possible.

• The interface is refreshing and feature-rich, meeting the needs of most people.


• There are a lot of negative comments from users, mainly about the problem of random charges.


All in all, this site has shown a lot of hope. We believe that dating has a modern interface, but whether it is old, new, beautiful, ugly, fashionable, outdated, they should be judged by a standard - interaction. We recommend that users check it out and try some searches to determine if dating is the best place to find a partner. Or just another disappointing website. Of course, we hope it's the former!

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