How to Keep It Healthy When Being Bisexual in a Straight Relationship

For most people who are just coming out as bisexual there is so much fun for them to enjoy and participate. But after a period some bi people begin to struggle with mess things around their relationship. The key to keeping a healthy bisexual relationship required everyone to be aware of it to enjoy the identity of bisexuals. So let’s figure out these effective tricks.

Being Bisexual in a Relationship
Being Bisexual in a Relationship

1. Always Be Honest

We only talk about if you want a long-term relationship and want to keep it smoothly going on. This relationship connects yours and your mate’s soul but not genitals. So always be honest within your soul. We can easily be honest by our bodies if you don’t hide it intentionally. Most bisexual people think they can hardly go on with their opposite-sex-partner when they try to maintain an intimate relationship with the same-sex partner. But actually, bisexual individuals can hold it on in a monogamous, they have the ability. The most important thing for you is to clear up all abnormal minds about your relationship and your partner. Express the truth at any time then you will be able to avoid most of the matters which will hurt your relationship. Then you can get it.

2. Spice up Your Bedroom Through Threesomes

It would be exciting for every new member to participate in a threesome. People always say a bisexual couple is open to threesomes just because of their identity. This has been a stereotype for bisexual individuals. But this could be true. So if you feel offensive we sincerely apologize. Let’s go ahead. When you have interests in a threesome you have to notify your partner. Frankly, you should express it clear to your mate. Then keep open-minded from the moment in the beginning to a threesome engagement. The key is to take it easy which means not pressurize your mate too much. Or it will make a negative impact on your relationship.

3. Extend the Comfortable Radius

You need some time to prepare for it. All deal and all requirements. List them down and have a negotiation with your mate and potential third bull or unicorn even swinger. ( this is for 2. ) Share your list with your mate and do it actually. No matter a hug or morning greeting it is important to do. At the time, ask your partner do it and share it with you. People always thought they have less communication within a broken relationship but do not know how to resolve it. This is the way. Do something might seem useless but after the progress, you will see how it affect positively your relationship.

4. Pay Attention to Your Health

As the bigger number of people who are infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as STDs increases on a daily basis. We all know we can get STDs away by no sex life. But that is impossible for most people. So people in the ancient invent condoms to avoid pregnancy, we can do something to avoid infecting STDs. Limit your relationship carefully is a good way to get it. Whenever you are not sure if the person you want to have sex with, abstain from it. Use condoms every time, the crisis can be able to avoid.

5. Sex Is Not the Whole of Bisexual Life

Love is not always sex. There are plenty of alternatives to express your heart to your mate. Go out together, work together and play together. You know much of it so go ahead on your way.

Keep it Healthy