What You Need to Know Before Your Bi Curious Dating

Bi-curious refers to those who are curious about bisexuality. Usually, they may think they There are many kinds of bi-curious people, but they can be divided into the following categories:
First, sexual experience is mainly related to people of the opposite sex, who think they may be attracted to the same sex at the same time. Second, sexual experiences are mainly related to same-sex people, but they begin to think that they are attracted to the opposite sex. The last one is those who are unable to determine their sexual orientation. They usually do not have much sexual experience, but they find that they are attracted to both the same sex and the opposite sex. Of course, these people also include people who are curious about bisexuality and even want to try it.

The next article will discuss what you need to know before starting your bi curious dating.

First Bi-curious Date

1. Make sure you have a general understanding of your date.

For someone who is about to make their first bi curious dating, this is undoubtedly novel, full of unknown dating – an experience that has never been seen before. You need to get a general idea of the basics of your date, such as hobbies, work or something else. This will allow you to make sure that no one is embarrassed by some strange places in the appointment. Of course, you don’t have to know each other very well, or what is the purpose of the date? So, do some simple mutual understanding before the date and be open-minded!

2. Take the first step bravely.

Whether it is the first date of the same sex or the other situation, this is a brave attempt. So why not take the first step and let the other person know what you think? Since the purpose of both parties is the same, then it is not a good choice to say something. In addition, the person who takes the first step will undoubtedly occupy a dominant side in the relationship, and the consequences will depend on your own ideas or the other side.

3. The other partner may just want to go to bed with you.

This situation also happens from time to time. Some people don’t want to start an experience that requires emotional input. Their choice to date with you is just real curiosity – want to experience different sexual experiences in peacetime. This may be a bit sad for you if your purpose is exactly different from the other. If this is the case, please refer to the first article.

4. When the other is a bi-curious woman.

You have to make things slower. Men and women are totally different, especially bi-curious women. This may be the bi-curious girl’s first time with a different partner in dating. Maybe you are so excited about her that you want to take off her clothes very quickly and enjoy a good time together, but the woman is Sensitive creatures, especially if she still retains curiosity, your actions will ruin the curiosity of the other person and will never happen again. You may need to slow things down so that she won’t run away.

5. When the other is a bi-curious man.

Men are different, contain bi-curious men. You have to learn to act in an absolute way. Personality can be divided into strong and simple ones. You need to judge each other’s personality and make sure your appointments are normal or otherwise based on your personality.

6. You better not be too invested.

After all, this is a date full of curiosity, which is true for both parties. If you are too invested, it may put some pressure on the other side. The other party is not sure what they want, so you not only have to slow down for the other side but also for yourself. If you are a casual life and keep dating, then it doesn’t matter, if not, please be cautious.


At the risk of sounding like a nagging school counselor, safe sex is something you need to think about before doing the deed. You may know the ins and outs (ahem) of safe sex when it comes to who you usually have sex with but when to explore your bi-curiosity, you’ll be inexperienced. Don’t believe anybody when they tell you that they don’t use protection. Brush up on all of the info for yourself before you go into it. If you feel in any way uncomfortable or unsafe when it comes to getting down and dirty, you’re allowed to back out.

8. An unsatisfactory experience does not mean that it is not for you.

Maybe you are not comfortable with your first date, so you are determined to never do such an activity. But you have to know that a bad experience doesn’t mean it’s not for you. There are too many factors that cause a date to go bad. You can’t make sure it’s because it’s not for you. Anyway, there is no harm in exploring more things.

9. Have fun!

You may still be worried about what you are going to do at the beginning, but fantasy is useless. You just need to start your date boldly and enjoy the time you spend with each other. This will be a memorable experience in your life. I wish you all bi-curious singles and bi couples have enjoyable dates!