How to Make Male Profile Pictures More Attractive

Attractive Dating Profile Pictures

In the United States, one-third of marriages begin with online dating. Online dating has become a very common phenomenon. Through social media apps and dating sites, people get to know each other, start chatting with each other after a period of chat, and then start dating or no longer contact.

In the first step of the whole process, your social platform profile is the same as your self-introduction in real life, which will leave a very deep first impression. We know that the first impression is very important in the interaction between people, and the first impression you leave on the other party will accompany you for several years in the other’s mind. So, on social platforms and dating sites, the most important thing is your photo, your profile pictures. Here are five unpopular and five popular picture style types that help men become more attractive on such sites and apps.

5 Unattractive Profile Phototypes

The Upper Body Photo

Don’t use nude pictures on your body. We know that your muscles are great, but it is impossible to put muscles directly, it will be too narcissistic. But if you are in good shape, it would be better to show it in another way.

No Selfies

Selfies do have their place but are not in your profile photo. Selfies will appear like you have no friends to take pictures of you, no private photographer. In fact, most people don’t have a private photographer. However, you can make friends with the photographer when you attend the event. Ask the photographer to take some pictures and send them to you. This is equivalent to taking a lot of professional pictures without spending a penny.

No Group Pictures

Don’t put a group of people’s pictures so that others don’t know who you are and don’t have any impression of you.

No Closed Body Language

Closed body language like this with your arms crossed, trying to look cool, is not good. This will appear to have a sense of distance and negative.

Don’t Use Pictures of Stars, Avatars, Etc

As your profile photo. If you use these profile pictures, others will think that you are ugly, not confident, and so are sunglasses. You should show your face because exposing your face is a sign of confidence. Beauty will not look like a man, you will see if a woman is beautiful, but a woman will see if you are confident.

5 Popular Profile Phototypes

One dating site conducted a study that analyzed 6,800 users, 10,000 pictures, and which pictures were most popular with women. The next five types are the conclusions of this study.


What type of proud man is it? Self-confidence, power, money, and responsibility. So, a profile photo that shows pride will make women feel better. You can use pictures that show your hobbies, you are doing pictures of your favorite things because you can use pictures of you doing one of the hobbies that you feel passionate about and Your feel proud about. If you like fitness and think that you are of great size, then use your photo in the gym. Don’t take off your shirt, it’s too stupid.


Everyone loves interesting people. So, you can use more interesting pictures. For example, a photo of dancing, a photo of laughing, in a photo of holding a tree. The key is that the pictures you use must look very happy. Because remember, positivity is attractive. The girls love a man who is fun to be around.

The Protector

We all know that women like small babies and small animals. So, if your profile photo is a photo of your puppy, would they like you? Yes! Women love men who are good with children. However, try to use pictures with small animals. If you hold children, the meaning is different, especially on dating websites.

Open Your Body Language

Using open body language pictures will make you look friendlier and more confident.


Your smiling face should be a clear front angle picture of your smile. Do not use the angle of the side, the front angle is the most confident angle. Expose your whole face, don’t hide anything, the light must be bright.

Now, do you know how to choose your own profile photo? go ahead!